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All About ZIYA -E- QUR'AAN

Being a Muslim we all recite Quraan but have you ever wonder about trying the feel of the words mention in Quraan

-Ziya-e- Quraan brings you an ultimate guide for reciting Quraan like a Qari.

-Qari is a reader or reciter.

-Here we teach reciting Quraan with proper tajweed/Makharij. (It means articulating the words as they should be pronounced in the Arabic language.)

-We provide good practice of the origin of specific words. Every Word in Quraan-e Sharif has a different sound, Pronunciation and Enunciation.

-Now don’t just blindly recite Quraan, Feel it, get lost in the beauty of its words and Sound.

-You are just a step away from Reciting Quraan like a Qari.
Join the esteemed Course Ziya-e-Quraan and get set to recite like a Qari.

-Anyone can learn to recite the Qur’an in a beautiful way, and we fully support and encourages you. If you have been yearning to recite the words of Allah and Quraan in a good voice, Ziya -e- Quraan can surely help you.


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