It seems are all over the news this week: George Clooney has separated with his girlfriend, Stacy Kiebler.

Folks are stating it is the “older man, younger woman” problem. The younger lady gets sick of the older guy and ends up the relationship.


are you experiencing anything else easier to report about? It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.

Its George Clooney. He life their own existence and helps make his personal alternatives. He dates females of any age for some time following they break up.

However every person desires twist and switch the story into anything it isn’t.

Let’s mention the disorder.

I get some dudes within 40s and 50s just who state they only date feamales in their particular 20s.

I have found that definitely absurd. Privately, I wouldn’t ever before wish to go out women in their own 20s. It’s simply too young for in which i’m in my own life.

Yes, I find them quite. They are fantastic to examine. Although second they open their lips, I am not interested. They truly are youthful and also at another stage inside their everyday lives.


“maybe you have outdated younger women and

understood you used to ben’t on a single course?”

I’d rather connect with those who I get it on with – mentally, emotionally and physically.

The “older man, more youthful woman” disorder is actually pretty much more mature men wanting to produce a physical union or link they did not have if they had been younger.

As far as I’m worried, I would personally never ever should relive my personal 20s. I permit people in their 20s stay in their own 20s, have a great time, celebration and now have a great time.

Myself? I am not engrossed.

How would you men experience more mature males and more youthful women? What type of age range are you willing to go out? Just how youthful do you want to go? Do you think get older even does matter?

And let’s be honest here: What amount of of you have dated more youthful females right after which understood you’ren’t for a passing fancy psychological or emotional path as all of them?

After a rather short period of time, what amount of of you recognized your whole relationship was actually based on intercourse? I’d want to get the talk running along. Let’s notice it!

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