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Islam an Actual way of life

-Islam is an actual way of life , but there is a category of people who are confused and full of doubts about Islam, Sada-e-Mehrab is a special programme to help people know the real Islam, its sayings, beliefs and much more. Under this programme we try to provide free Bayan in different mosques every Friday in a lucid and unique way.

-Through this programme, we tend to educate people about Quraan , Hadith, Islamic Values and laws. The main motive behind this programme is to eradicate the false beliefs and myths about Islam. The bayan or illustration is often about Deen ki sahi Baatein, Shariat ka Ehkam, Samaji Buraiyon ka khatma. We are looking forward to get out of those traditional methods of Deeni Education and introduce a whole new logical pattern of Islamic teachings and Preaching.

-We are visionary to spread the True Islamic Knowledge by gathering people in mosques on Fridays.

-Join hands in this mission and just notice the huge change we can bring together in society.


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