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All About NUQTA

Urdu is considered to be the sweetest language in the world.

-Learn real Urdu this time with NUQTA – The Urdu World.
This course is peculiarly designed to make you read, write and speak the Urdu language.

-Under the project NUQTA – The Urdu World, BUNIYAD is a unique programme that teaches you reading and understanding of Urdu in just 24 hours.

-Here 24 hours are evaluated as 24 Sessions each session consisting of 1 hour. It’s a worksheet based programme.
It promises to teach the Urdu language, in 24 Sessions.

-There are several other courses too for Urdu as per your niche.
Many of us want to learn this beautiful language but were lacking the resources, Here Roshni Education trust has got an amazing project to explore the Urdu language to help people to learn it easily and in the most effective manner.

-NUQTA – The Urdu World has made learning Urdu a piece of cake now.


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