Rumi Nursery School an initiative by Roshni Education Trust is celebrating World Environment Day on 5th June 2021 with a motive to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the Environment.
We are destroying nature at an unprecedented rate, threatening the survival of a million species – and our future, too.
Deforestation, Urbanisation, mining activities have been negatively affecting natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and the climate. Many ecologists questions – Is this Coronavirus Mother nature’s revenge?
Do think about this.
Nature is the most superpower if you bring any harm to it then get ready for its revenge too.
As it is said it’s never too late, let’s stop destructing nature selfishly, brutally. When we can’t give back anything to nature we have got no rights to destroy it either.

We are visionary to spread awareness to Save Environment. Join hands in this initiative.