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Let's enjoy our religious freedom

-We have always been told about the things which are forbidden in our religion -Islam. And Seldom been told about the freedom that is given.

-Aab-e-Hayat is a special programme that focuses on the freedom our Allah (SWT), Rasool (PBUH) and our religion has provided.
Every fortnight we arrange a free seminar in the premises of Rumi Nursery school.

-Here we invite people and every time we come with a unique topic to discuss and especially target the youth.

-Rather than discussing the things prohibited or forbade we discuss the freedom that is been provided.

-The boundaries ain’t that narrow as we presume. We can enjoy our religious freedom under certain prescribed limits.

-The Seminar lasts for an hour.

-The programme Aab-e-Hayat defers from other seminars in many ways.

-So do participate in this free seminar and let’s enjoy our religious freedom.


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